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Analysis of existing types of mobility

IO2 consists of an “analysis of different types of virtual and blended mobility and their technical conditions”. It is divided into 5 parts:

-          IO2A: Study of the mobility practices of academic partners.

-          IO2B: Identification of core scientific areas for virtual and blended mobility.

-          IO3C: Design and implementation of two pilot projects virtual and blended mobility

-          IO3D: Handbook of good practices

-          IOE: Shared database of educational econtent.

IO2 is intended as an analysis of the conditions of implementation of different mobility schemes. The aim here is at first to better understand what already exists at the institutional level. We will then explore different scenarios of blended mobility. This intellectual output will also provide a better understanding of the technical and practical requirements of virtual/blended mobility (videoconference facilities, computers, software) and of the need for trained staff in order to implement new forms of teaching.