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Overview of the project

The project How Long is Too Long (HLITL) aims at optimizing mobility in higher education in Europe, fostering mobility schemes with the greatest impact on students' key competences.

The aim of the project How Long is Too Long (HLITL) is to enable Higher Education leaders to adapt and improve their mobility strategies, fostering mobility schemes with the greatest impact on students' key competences (multilingualism, digital competences, interpersonal skills, sense of European citizenship, cultural awareness), including mobility schemes mixing distance learning and physical mobility (blended learning).

The project will be carried out as follows: 

-          A “literature review” of more than a hundred papers will be undertaken leading to a report on the impact of mobilities according to type (classic, virtual, blended) and length (up to 2 weeks, 2 weeks to 2 months, 2 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months) on students’ and staff’s competences. This report will include a glossary.

-          Then an analysis of the technical conditions of implementation of the different mobility schemes will be conducted.

-          Surveys will also be carried out during the first and second year of the project. This is crucial to better understand the students’ and staff’s needs and institutions’ strategies for mobility.

-          Blended mobility will be prepared and implemented during the second year of the project. Some teaching material needed for a one-semester course on travel writing will be created and made available widely. Students registered for this online course will then be able to follow an intensive training programme in the same field or go on a one-semester long mobility. This will allow to analyse the conditions needed for blended mobility and survey the impact of different types of blended mobility.

-          Finally, the project will lead to the development of institutional recommendations (a toolkit) aimed at higher education institutions and policy recommendations (a report) aimed at European policy makers.