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Analysis of existing types of mobility

IO2 consists of an “analysis of different types of virtual and blended mobility and their technical conditions”. 

The focus is on the conditions of implementation of different mobility schemes. The aim is to better understand what already exists at institutional level and, second, to experiment a scenario of virtual mobility. 

This intellectual output also provides a better understanding of the technical and practical requirements of virtual/blended mobility (videoconference facilities, computers, software) and of the need for trained staff in order to implement new forms of teaching. 

1. Two surveys have been conducted among the universities of the consortium: the first one on mobility practices (regarding physical, virtual and blended mobility) and the second one on the identification of core scientific areas for virtual and blended mobility. The findings of these surveys are gathered in a report:

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Universidade do Porto (2020). Analysis of different types of virtual and blended mobility and their technical conditions & core scientific areas for VM/BM. Desk Research Report. Porto: Universidade do Porto - Núcleo de Tecnologias Educativas; Serviço de Relações Internacionais.

2. The design and implementation of a shared online course was organised by three universities of the consortium: UMarburg, UPorto and UVSQ. The theme of this online course was travel literature. Two reports have been prepared on the experience:

- The first report focuses on the organisation, development and progress of the online course (including reference to pedagogical material used in and around the course). 
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Borm Jan, Birkle Carmen, Outeirinho Fatima, Hartmann Laura, Zarda Marie (2021). Travel and Health in North American and British Literature, Joint seminar with professors and students from UVSQ (France), Universidade do Porto (Portugal), and from Philipps Universität Marburg (Germany)

- The second report consists of an analysis of the feedback received from teachers and students on the online course.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Leek Joanna, Rojek Marcin (2021). Evaluation of Joint Online Seminar on Travel and Health in North American and British Literature, Students and Teachers Responses.

3. Based on the previous findings, a handbook of good practices has been prepared. 
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:  Universidade do Porto, European University Foundation (2021), Handbook of Good Practices.