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Literature review

The first intellectual output of the project (IO1) consists of a review of more than a hundred and sixty studies on the theme of international student mobility. What is analysed here is the impact of mobility on a variety of competencies and skills according to its length (short-, mid- and long term) and modality (classic, virtual, blended). The notion of efficiency of different mobility schemes is key for this intellectual output.

This also allows to define the key competence and skill areas that can be developed through participation in student mobility and raise awareness about the multiple benefits of mobility.

Finally, the purpose of this intellectual output is also to propose clear terminology for the project and a comprehensive glossary on mobility.

DOWNLOAD HERE the first intellectual output (pdf version):

Erdei, L. A. & Káplár-Kodácsy, K. (2020). International Student Mobility at a  Glance – Promising Potential and Limiting Barriers of Non-traditional Mobility. Desk Research Report.  Budapest: ELTE Eötvös Loránd University Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes.